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Mekor Barukh, R. Baruch b. Solomon Kali, Izmir 1659

מקור ברוך - Only Edition

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  • Lot Number 51403
  • Title (English) Mekor Barukh
  • Title (Hebrew) מקור ברוך
  • Note First Edition - R. Israel Jacob b. Yom Tov Algazi Copy
  • Author R. Baruch b. Solomon Kali
  • City Izmir
  • Publisher Abraham Gabai
  • Publication Date 1659
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  • Estimated Price - High 1,000

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Physical Description

Only edition. 4 [i.e. 6], 87 ff., folio, 280:191 mm., wide margins, age and damp staining, old hand on final fly, few worm holed in margins. A good copy bound in modern boards.


Detail Description

R. Baruch b. Solomon Kali (d. 1597), who studied under R. Aaron ben Hason, was rabbi of Siderocapsa, near Salonika. Mekor Barukh contains 61 responsa which consist of halakhic discussions with his teacher, and with R. Solomon Levi the Elder, in addition to those with his brother. He also wrote Arba Shitot, on four tractates of the Talmud, and left an unpublished volume of sermons on Sabbaths and festivals. Included are responsa by his brother R. Mordecai Kali, (1556–1647), Salonican Talmudist. The family name derives from Calatayud in Spain. R. Mordecai was born in Salonika, and also studied under R. Aaron ben Hason and Aaron Sason. His manuscripts were destroyed in the great fire in Salonika in 1625, but he resumed writing. He was known as a capable communal leader, being active in the ransoming of captives and other charitable and benevolent activities. Among his many disciples who later served as rabbis in the cities of Peloponnesus were R. Daniel Estrosa and R. David Conforte. R. Kalai is quoted by many of his contemporaries, including R. Joshua Handali, R. Hayyim Shabbetai (Maharhash), R. Judah Lerma, and by R. Solomon Levi and Joseph of Trani in their responsa.


Hebrew Description

להרב... ר' ברוך... בן... ר' שלמה קלעי זלה"ה והוא תשובות לשאלות... והובאו אל הדפוס בהשתדלות... ר' יצחק ישורון יצ"ו לבקשת... ר' שלמה קלעי יצ"ו בן... המחבר... הוגה... על ידי... ר' שמואל באלנסי יצ"ו. שנת א'ו'ת' ה'ו'א' לעולם

דף ב: הקדמה, מאת בן המחבר; התנצלות המגיה. דף ב-[ו]: מפתחות, עם הקדמה בראשם, מאת ר' שלמה ב"ר משה ן' עזרא. בין השאר הוא כותב: "ועשיתי... המפתחות... על סדר הארבעה טורים ... [וגם] נמצא בבית גנזי ג תשובו' הא' מהרב ... ר' אהרן ן' חסון ז"ל רבו של... המחבר... והא' להרב... ר' שלמה ן' חסון ז"ל והשלישית להרב כמה"ר מרדכי קלעי ז"ל אחי... המחבר... אמרתי... לעשות ולהדפיס תשובות אלו בסוף הספר". מר' אהרן ן' חסון ומר' מרדכי קלעי וגם מרבנים אחרים נדפסו תשובות בפנים הספר.



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