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Minhat Oni, R. Sinai ben Eliezer Sapir, Warsaw 1847

מנחת עני - Only Edition

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  • Lot Number 51413
  • Title (English) Minhat Oni
  • Title (Hebrew) מנחת עני
  • Note Only Edition
  • Author R. Sinai ben Eliezer Sapir
  • City Warsaw
  • Publisher דפוס נתן שריפטגיססער
  • Publication Date 1847
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Physical Description

Only edition, folio, [2], 54 ff. 340:190 mm., wide margins, light age staining, ol;d stamps. A very good copy bound in contemporary boards, new cloth spine.

Detail Description

Only edition of these responsa on Orah Hayyim, Yoreh, De’ah, and Even ha-Ezer of the Shulhan Arukh by R. Sinai ben Eliezer Sapir. The verso of the title-page has the censor’s approval and below it are approbations. They are followed by a listing of the seventy-one responsa comprising Minhat Oni, 27 for O. H., 28-46 for Y. D., and 47-71 for E. H. The responsa are varied, examples being 3) the blessing baruch ha-patrani, if the grandfather says when there is no father;  6) concerning half a measure of hametz on the seventh day of Pesah, if there is a prohibition from the Torah; 11) Concerning the position o fthe Rambam on eating Terumah in error on Pesah: on Y. D. 39) a bechor that developed a mum in the home of a kohen, is it fit to come into the possession of an adam 42) concerning the position of the Bah that hadash is not applicable for a non-Jew, and E. H. 61) concerning Niddah, gittin, qand kilayim; 68) do we say that that a sheliah for an aveirah the deed is null 70) divorces a shoteh who is unable to care for herself. Varied, detailed, interesting, and certainly erudite responsa.

R. Sinai ben Eliezer Sapir was also the author of Olat Hadash (Warsaw, 1847) collected discourses.


Hebrew Description

קרבן ראשית מספרי מעלפת ספירים... הכינותי... סיני המכונה ספיר, רובץ בין המשפתים... בק"ק ברעזין... בן ... מוה’ אליעזר[ !] ספיר זצללה"ה...

דף ב,ב: הקדמת אח המחבר, ר’ יצחק איצק [איילנברג].




Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000154767; BE mem 2410