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Responsa Zikhron Yehudah, R. Judah Gruenwald, Budapest - Satoraljaujhely 1923-28

שו"ת זכרון יהודה - First Edition - Polemic

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  • Lot Number 51427
  • Title (English) Zikhron Yehudah
  • Title (Hebrew) שו"ת זכרון יהודה
  • Note First Edition - Polemic
  • Author R. Judah Gruenwald
  • City Budapest - Satoraljaujhely
  • Publisher Katzburg Brothers: Eleazer Deutsch
  • Publication Date 1923-28
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Physical Description

First edition. Two volumes, [6], 168, [6]; [8], 232 pp. 318:198; 320:194 mm., usual age staining, wide margins. Very good copies bound in contemporary boards, rubbed.

Detail Description

Two volumes of responsa by R. Judah ben Joshua Falk Gruenwald. The first volume, Helek Orah Hayyim, has an introduction from R. Isaac ha-Levi Kalin and R. Jehiel Zevi ha-Levi Kalin, who brought the work to press. On the title page they express their hope and prayer to print part two. This volume two hundred sixteen responsa followed by a detailed index and then a three page list, in four columns, of the pamerantim, that is, the many sponsors of this volume. Among the responsa is no. 187, in which R. Gruenwald discusses whether one may associate with Zionists and expresses the fear that through Zionism “an opportunity will be given for us to be attacked and to make us disliked by the gentile countries.” Another responsum in this volume (no. 200) is to R. Joseph Hayyim Sonnenfeld in Jerusalem, dated 1913, on whether it is permitted to associate with the Agudat Israel. It was later removed from the volume and replaced by a responsum on whether it is permitted to handle food and drink on the Day of Atonement in order to give it to children. Part two has two hundred seventy four responsa on all four parts of the Shulhan Arukh. It is reported that work was begun on part three in 1930-31 and that eight leaves were printed but that the work was not completed.

R. Judah Gruenwald, (1845–1920), Hungarian rabbi, was born in Brezo, and served as rabbi of Szobotisz for seven years, of Bonyhad a further seven years, of Surany for two and a half years, and of Szatmar (Satu-Mare) for 22 years. In Szatmar he founded a large yeshivah which achieved a wide reputation. After his death several of his works were published. The most important of them are these responsa, Zikhron Yehudah. Others of his published works are: (1) Shevet mi-Yhudah (2 pts., 1922), on the Pentateuch; (2) Hasdei Avot (1925), on the tractate Avot; (3) Olelot Yehudah, a commentary on Psalms (1927); and (4) She'erit Yehudah (1938), on the Pentateuch.


Hebrew Description

...חברו הרב ... מרן יהודה גרינוואלד זצוקלולה"ה שהי' רועה נאמן בק"ק סאבאטיש, באניהאד, שוראן, סאטמאר, ושם מנ"כ ... בן ... מו"ה יושע פאלק ... מברעזאווא ... וחתן הרב ... מו"ה יוסף יוזפא סופר בהרה"ג ... בעל חתם סופר ... יו"ל בהשתדלותינו, אנחנו התלמידים ... יחיאל צבי הלוי קליין, נאנאש; יצחק הלוי קליין, אוהעל ... חלק א-ב.

בשנת תר"ץ או תרצ"א (בערך) החלו להדפיס את החלק השלישי. נדפסו שמונה דפים (סימנים א- יד) וההדפסה נפסקה מחוסר אמצעים. צילום הדפים הללו ראה: א' שישא, שו"ת זכרון יהודה חלק ג, צפונות, שנה ג גליון ג (יא), תשנ"א, עמ' מח-נז. בחלק א נדפסו העמודים קנו-קנז פעמיים: בהדפסה הראשונה נדפסה שם תשובה אל ר' יוסף חיים זוננפלד ובה דברים חריפים נגד "אגודת ישראל". בהדפסה השניה נדפסה במקומה תשובה אחרת. על הסיבה האמיתית לשינוי הפולמוס שעורר השינוי ראה שישא, שם, עמ' מט.



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