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Melo ha-Ro’im, Part III, R. Jacob Zevi Jolles, Przemysl 1884

מלא הרועים ח"ג - Hasidic - First Edition - R. Silberstein family copy

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  • Title (English) Melo ha-Ro’im, Part III
  • Title (Hebrew) מלא הרועים ח"ג
  • Note Hasidic - First Edition - R. Silberstein family copy
  • Author R. Jacob Zevi Jolles
  • City Przemysl
  • Publisher דפוס זופניק, קנאללער והאמערשמיד
  • Publication Date 1884
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Physical Description

First edition, [2] 39 ff, folio, 360:235 mm., wide margins, usual age staining, tears. A good copy loose in contemporary boards, rubbed and split.

The R. Silberstein family copy (19th century) with inscriptions by R. Solomon, Samuel Zevi, Abraham Samuel. They all served in prestigous rabbinical positions in Poland.


Detail Description

Supplemental volume of notes and additions to the encyclopedic work on the hermeunetics, rules, and principles of rabbinic law by R. Jacob Zevi ben Naphtali Jolles. The title page states that it is comprised of two parts, the first a compilation of the positions of tanna’im and amora’im (Mishnaic and Talmudic sages) who do not concur on halakhot throughout the Talmud. Their positions are the foundation of and principles of Talmudic halakhah, whether expressed clearly or by allusion, or to be derived from the Talmudic discussions, via pilpul and reasoning. The first part of Melo ha-Ro’im is on the various positions of the tanna’im and amora’im the second part on Talmudic hermeunetics. On the verso of the title page are approbations from R. Jacob Orenstein, R. Mordecai Zev Orenstein, and R. Zevi Elimelekh Shapiro. R. Jolles’ introduction follows, below it his second introduction, and then an alphabetic listing of Talmudic concepts addressed in Melo ha-Ro’im. The text follows in two columns in rabbinic type. Melo ha-Ro’im is R. Jolles most famous work was Melo ha-Ro'im has since been reprinted several times

R. Jacob Zevi ben Naphtali Jolles, (c. 1778–1825) was a Galician talmudic scholar and kabbalist. Born in Przemysl, he served as rabbi in Glogow and Dinow. He leaned toward Hasidism, and was among the disciples of R. Jacob Isaac ha-Hozeh of Lublin. His other published works are: Hinnukh Beit Yehudah, a homiletic work in philosophic style (Warsaw, 1869); Kehillat Ya'akov, an encyclopedic treatment of kabbalistic topics (Lemberg, 1870); Emet le-Ya'akov, a homiletic work in hasidic style (Lemberg, 1884); Beit Va'ad le-Hakhamim, a directory of talmudic sages (Cracow, 1884); Parashat Derakhim Zuta, homiletic discourses (Cracow, 1885); Zikhron Ya'akov vi-Yhudah also consisting of homiletic discourses (Munkacz, 1928); and Yashresh Ya'akov, on Kabbalah (New York, 1945). His notes and novellae on the Talmud are printed in the Vilna edition. Jolles composed many other books (27 are referred to in his foreword to Melo ha-Ro'im) but most of them have disappeared.


Hebrew Description

 חלק שלישי. חידושי סוגיות הש"ס ... וכללים ... שיש להוציא מתוך המשא ומתן של השיטות ... כמעשהו בשני החלקים הראשונות ... ועל הכללים האלו שבחלק הזה הציג המחבר ציונים. בחלקים הראשונים. ובשם כלל גדול בפימו המה מכונים ... יוצא עתה פעם ראשונה לאור ... ע"י ... מוה’ יעקב משה אמקרויט ... פרעמישלא ...

מעבר לשער "הקדמה והתנצלות מבן המחבר" ר’ יהודה ליבש יאלוש: "ואחרי ראיתי כי א"א המחבר ... השמיט הפילפולים בספר הזה, ואך בסברות ... ישרות ונאות תמך יתידותיו ... חפשתי בכתבי א"א ... ובחידושיו והעליתי פנינים מתוך כתביו בסילסול ופילפול ... לתת נוספות לראשונים ... ח"ר וח"ב [חלק ראשון וחלק ב] ולספח לזה עוד חלק א’ אשר פיהו יקבנו חלק שלישי בעומק הפלפול ... ולאשר אץ עלי המדפיס ... לא יכולתי לעיין ... עברתי במרוצה ומעט אשר הגהתי". ‬



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