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Seder Haggadah shel Pessah, Ofen 1819

סדר הגדה של פסח - Haggadah

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  • Lot Number 51852
  • Title (English) Seder Haggadah shel Pessah
  • Title (Hebrew) סדר הגדה של פסח
  • Note Haggadah
  • City Ofen
  • Publisher קעניגל' אונג' אוניפערזיטעטס שריפטען
  • Publication Date 1819
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Physical Description

Frontispiece, 52 ff., octavo, 197:115 mm., wide margins, light age, food & wine, damp staining. A very good copy bound in contemporary boards, rubbed.


Detail Description

Haggadah with Judeo-German translation based on the teachings of the Abudarham.

R. David b. Joseph Abudarham (14th century), liturgical commentator in Spain. Abudarham came from a distinguished family, and apparently an earlier namesake was a communal leader in Toledo. Abudarham was moved to write his book in 1340 in Seville, like R. Asher b. Saul of Lunel before him, because “the customs connected with prayer have become varied from one country to another, and most of the people do not understand the words of the prayers, nor do they know the correct ritual procedures and the reasons for them.” The book is based on the Talmud and the decisions of the geonim, and on the early and later commentators. It abounds in source material of Spanish, Provencal, French, and Ashkenazi origins, not all of which has otherwise survived. Abudarham made extensive use of the prayer book of R. Saadiah Gaon, and it seems he was the last to see and use an original of this book. He also utilized the Manhig of R. Abraham b. Nathan ha-Yarhi of Lunel and the Minhagot of R. Asher b. Saul, the legal dicta of R. Asher b. Jehiel and the Turim. Some scholars think he was a disciple of R. Jacob b. Asher, author of the Turim. Abudarham commented upon the prayers in great detail and traced the variations in custom in different countries. He included a commentary on the Passover Haggadah, rules of intercalation, the order of weekly pentateuchal readings and haftarot for the entire year, and calendrical and astronomical tables. Abudarham appended to his book rules governing benedictions, dividing them into nine sections, along with their interpretation and explanation. His book was first published in Lisbon in 1490 and has since been republished frequently. Abudarham also wrote a commentary on liturgy for the Day of Atonement ascribed to R. Yose b. Yose, as well as on other liturgical poems (published under the title of Tashlum Abudarham).


Hebrew Description

עם פירוש לפי פשוטו לקוח מספר אבודרהם, ודינים ומנהגים השייכים להלכות פסח, גם תרגום אשכנזי [באותיות צו"ר]. ועוד הוספנו... מגילת שיר השירים.

התרגום האשכנזי עם ההערות הם של יואל בריל.
בראש הספר הקדמה מאת המגיה שמואל ראזענטהאל, שהוא גם אסף את הדינים והמנהגים (דף מו-נב).
ראינו טופס בו נוסף דף לפני השער: ציור "וככה תאכלו אתו מתניכם חגרים" וכו'.
ההגדה שרשם יערי במס' 421, הנזכרת בסוף סליחות דפוס אפען, אינה אלא ההגדה הנוכחית. יערי טעה בהעתקתו מאותן סליחות.



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