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Halakhah le-Moshe, Part I, R. Hayyim Moses Amarillo, Salonica 1752

הלכה למשה, חלק א - Only Edition - Habad

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  • Title (English) Halakhah le-Moshe, Part I
  • Title (Hebrew) הלכה למשה, חלק א
  • Note Only Edition - Habad
  • Author R. Hayyim Moses Amarillo
  • City Salonica
  • Publisher Bezalel Ashkenazi
  • Publication Date 1752
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Physical Description

Only edition, [2], 152, 58, [8] ff., folio, 314:200 mm., extra wide margins, light age and damp staining, minor worming in margin of final 30 ff. A very good copy bound in modern cloth over boards.

Detail Description

Novellae by R. Hayyim Moses b. Solomon Amarillo (1695–1748). R. Hayyim Moses was born in Salonika, where he studied under his father Solomon, who before his death appointed him his successor as preacher in the Talmud Torah congregation. The community, however, opposed this appointment and on the death of R. Solomon they prevailed upon R. Joseph David, author of Bet David, to accept the position. R. Hayyim Moses filled many posts in Salonika, teaching in his father's yeshiva and enacting local takkanot. With the outbreak of plague in 1724 he fled. In 1733 he was in Constantinople. Upon R. Joseph David's death in 1736, R. Hayyim Moses was appointed one of the three chief rabbis.

R. Amarillo was a prolific writer and the following of his works have been published: 1) Devar Moshe in three parts (Salonika, 1742, 1743, 1750), responsa. The laws of divorce, which constituted sections of parts 1 and 3, were published as Simhat Moshe (Leghorn, 1868); (2) Halakhah le-Moshe in two parts (Salonika, 1752), on the fourth book of Maimonides' Yad, Nashim. At the end of each chapter he gives a précis of the laws with explanations; (3) Yad Moshe (ibid., 1751), sermons. He also edited his father's books, Penei Shelomo (1717) and Kerem Shelomo (1719), and also wrote an introduction to the responsa, Edut be-Ya'akov (Salonika, 1720), of R. Jacob di Boton.


Hebrew Description

...סובב הולך על ... הרמב"ם זל"הה בספר היד החזקה. על ד' הלכות הנה הנם הלכות נזקי ממון והלכות גניבה והלכות גזילה ואבידה והל' מכירה ... הדת נתנה מגבר ... כמהר"ר חיים משה אמארילייו זל"הה ... חלק א.

חלק א: הלכות נזקי ממון והלכות גניבה. שנת ובאו ו'נ'ת'נ'ו' איש כיסו [תקי"ב]. [2], קנב, נח, [8] דף. דף [1,ב-2,א]: הקדמת אחי המחבר, ר' אהרן אמארילייו. דף [2]: הקדמת בן אחי המחבר, ר' שלמה ב"ר יצחק אמארילייו. דף [2,ב]: הקדמת המגיה בן המחבר, ר' שמואל אמארילייו.



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