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Lehem Yehudah, R. Judah Ayash, Livorno 1745

לחם יהודה - Only Edition

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  • Lot Number 52361
  • Title (English) Lehem Yehudah
  • Title (Hebrew) לחם יהודה
  • Note Only Edition
  • Author R. Judah Ayash
  • City Livorno (Leghorn)
  • Publisher Abraham Meldola
  • Publication Date 1745
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Physical Description:

Only edition. [4], 118, [1] ff., folio, 323:208 mm., light age and damp staining, nice margins. A very good copy bound in modern cloth over boards.


Detailed Description:   

Commentary and novellae on the Rambam by R. Judah Ayash (d. 1760), the son of the widely revered Algiers Rabbi Isaac Ayash (d. 1727), and was himself one of the most famous rabbis of Algiers. As av bet din (1728–56) all disputes were referred to him and he carried on a voluminous correspondence with the rabbinical authorities of Morocco, Italy, and Egypt. He had gathered many pupils and his Sabbath sermons drew crowds of listeners. In 1756 R. Ayash decided to go to Palestine and devote himself entirely to study. He visited Leghorn in 1756 and then reached Jerusalem. R. Judah Ayash's works (published in Leghorn) include Beit Yehudah (1746); responsa followed by Minhagim, customs of Algiers from the 15th century (1746); Benei Yehudah (1758); Ve-Zot li-Yhudah (1760); commentaries on the halakhah; Matteh Yehudah and Shevet Yehudah (1783), critical notes on the code of R. Joseph Caro; and Afra di-Ara (1783).


Hebrew Description:

לחיבור הרמב"ם... מנופה מכל סיג אשר יד משיג מכל נושאי הכלים... המחבר... מהר"י עייאש נר"ו... אור תורתו זורח בארג"ל...

דף [3-2,א]: הקדמה לכבוד הרב המחבר, מאת ר' יוסף בנימין דוראן. חלק ב נדפס בספרו בני יהודה. הסכמות: ר' אברהם יאפיל, ר' יוסף צרור ור' שמואל אבן כספי , אלגזאייר, תמוז תק"ה; ר' רפאל מילדולה, ר' יעקב לוסינה ור' אדם ב"ר אברהם בונדי , ליוורנו, ראש-חודש אדר-ב תק"ה.



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