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Mekiz Redumim, R. Hananiah Eliakim Rieti, Mantua 1648

מקיץ רדומים - First Edition - Liturgy

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  • Lot Number 52365
  • Title (English) Mekiz Redumim
  • Title (Hebrew) מקיץ רדומים
  • Note First Edition - Liturgy
  • Author R. Hananiah Eliakim Rieti
  • City Mantua
  • Publisher Moses & Samuel di Modena
  • Publication Date 1648
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Physical Description

First edition. [28] ff., octavo, 135:90 mm., light age staining, nice margins. A very good copy bound in modern cloth over boards.


Detail Description

Prayers and selihot for Hoshana Rabbah by R. Hananiah Eliakim b. Asael Raphael Rieti (1561-c.1623). He was born in Bologna and a member of the prominent Rieti banking family. R. Rieti was educated by R. Judah Muscato and served as rabbi in Manyua from 1589 and afterwards, from 16047 in Luzzaro. He was a primary founder of the Shomerim la-Boker Society in Mantua, contributing liturgical verse to Ayelet ha-Shahar, the prayer book compiled for the Society by R. Mordecai Jare.

The title page of Mekiz Redumim (Arouse those who slumber) states that it is "the correct and valid order to be said prior to the break of dawn on the great day, the day of the aravah (willow):' Mekiz Redumim was brought to press by Rieti's son, R. David Naphtali, to benefit the public, at the press of Moses and Samuel ben Shemaya di Modena under the direction of Joshua Perugia. There is a lengthy introduction from David Rieti ([ 2a-14b]) beginning, "the Almighty hears prayer and over us a cover of kindness and mercy to hear our cries ... ," leading into a discussion of Hoshana Rabbah replete with quotes from the Zohar and in which, inter alia, he provides autobiographical information.

The text is comprised of the liturgy to be recited on Hoshana Rabbah by the Shomerim la-Boker Society. Mekiz Redumim is set in a single column in square vocalized Hebrew, excepting brief instructions which are in rabbinic letters. This is the first edition of Mekiz Redumim. In addition to Mekiz Redumim and the liturgy in Ayyelet ha- Shahar, Rieti wrote additional hymns included in several other liturgical compilations as well as others extant in manuscript, and Peri Megadim, novellae on tractates of the Talmud; a work entitled Sadeh ha-Lavan, responsa; and Sedeh Tappuhim, commentaries, all unpublished.


Hebrew Description

והוא סדר (לאשמורת הבקר) ... לאמרו קודם עלות השחר ביו' ... הערבה (הושענה רבה) חברו ותקנו ... ר' חנניה אליקים מריאיטי (בן כמה"ר עשאל רפאל זצ"ל), והביאו אל הדפוס בנו ... ר' דוד נפתלי יצ"ו לזכות את הרבים (ק"ק בני נורצי, פה מנטובה) ...

דף [2]: "אל כל קורא", מאת בן המחבר; דף [13-2]:"הקדמת המחבר". דברים על הושענא רבה.



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