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Derushim le-Khol Heftsehem, R. Isaac Elijah ben Samuel Landau, Vilna 1871

דרושים לכל חפציהם - Only Edition

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  • Title (English) Derushim le-Khol Heftsehem
  • Title (Hebrew) דרושים לכל חפציהם
  • Note Only Edition
  • Author R. Isaac Elijah ben Samuel Landau
  • City Vilna
  • Publisher דפוס אברהם יצחק ובנו שלום יוסף דווארזעץ
  • Publication Date 1871
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Physical Description

Only edition, octavo, [2], 34 pp. 210:170 mm., wide margins, usual age and damp staining. A good copy bound in the modern wrappers.

Detail Description:

Only edition of these discourses by R. Isaac Elijah ben Samuel Landau. The title-page describes Derushim le-Khol Heftsehem as being discourses on the parshiot of the Torah, on the arba’ah parshiot, and the Yamim Noraim. It is dated “seek only goodness and kindness דרוש אך הטוב וחסד  (631 = 1871). This is part one, part two, additional discourses was published five years later, in 1876. Derushim le-Khol Heftsehem is comprised of eleven discourses, on the subjects noted above.


R. Isaac Elijah ben Samuel Landau (1801–1876) was a Lithuanian preacher and biblical commentator. R. Landau was born in Vilna. He married the daughter of the wealthy and well-known R. Zadok Marshalkovitch of Dubno and was relieved of financial cares, and although he did occasionally engage in business, he spent most of his life in Dubno compiling his books and sermons, using the method of parables in the style of R. Jacob Kranz , the Maggid of Dubno. R.Landau was chosen by the communities of Volhynia to be their representative on the committee set up by the Russian minister of the interior to deal with religious affairs, and for this purpose he lived in St. Petersburg for several months in 1861. In 1868 he became official preacher and dayyan of Vilna. His sermons were popular. The following are among his main works: Ma'aneh Eliyahu (Vilna, 1840), a commentary on the Tanna de-Vei Eliyahu published in the same volume with Si'aḥ Yiẓḥak, biblical and aggadic novellae; Berurei ha-Middot (Vilna, 1844), expositions and novellae to the Mekhilta, to which was joined a treatise, Miẓẓui ha-Middot, "for the understanding of biblical rhetoric and the sayings of the sages"; Mikra Soferim (Suwalki, 1862), expositions and novellae to tractate Soferim; and Dover Shalom (Warsaw, 1863), a commentary on the prayer book. The following of his commentaries and parables on the Bible have been published: Patshegen, a commentary on Proverbs (Koenigsberg, 1858), Psalms (Warsaw, 1866), and 12 Minor Prophets and the Five Scrolls (Vilna, 1869/70); and Patshegen ha-Dat (Vilna, 1872/5), on the Pentateuch. Landau published the Derekh Ereẓ Zuta (1872) with the commentary Derekh Ḥayyim


Hebrew Description

ספר דרושים לכל חפציהם : ... מאת הרב... מו"ה יצחק אליהו לנדא בהרב....שמואל לנדא ז"ל מווילנא... (מחברת [א]-ב).

בשנת א’ך’ ה’ט’ו’ב’ ו’ח’ס’ד’ ד’ר’ו’ש’ [ תרל"א]. .

מעבר לשער הודעת המחבר, שמכר לר’ יוסף גלובערמן "מאה דרשות ערוכות להדפיסם... משך שתי שנים". כאן נדפסו "דרושים אחדים".



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