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Tiv Gittin and Yad Efrayim, R. Ephraim Zalman Margolioth, Zolkiew 1822

טיב גיטין - יד אפרים - First Edition - Extra wide margins

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  • Lot Number 52422
  • Title (English) Tiv Gittin and Yad Efrayim
  • Title (Hebrew) טיב גיטין - יד אפרים
  • Note First Edition - Extra wide margins
  • Author R. Samuel ben Uri Shraga Phoebus; R. Ephraim Zalman ben Menahem Mannes Margolioth
  • City Zolkiew
  • Publisher דפוס מאיר זאב מאיר האפער
  • Publication Date 1822
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Physical Description:

First edition. [1], 43, 43, 10, [3] ff. folio 368:220 mm., extra wide margins, light age staining. A very good copy bound in contemporary boards, rubbed,


Detailed Description:   

Important comprehensive work on Gittin (laws of divorce) by R. Samuel ben Uri Shraga Phoebus with Yad Efrayim by R. Ephraim Zalman ben Menahem Mannes Margolioth. There is an introduction by R. Margolioth and then the text which consists of beit Shemu’el on the names of men in the center of the page and the commentary about it in the margins. The second part with the same format deals with the names of women and includes some names of cities and rivers. Complications arising from problems with names are addressed as are related issues.

R. Samuel ben Uri Shraga Phoebus (second half of 17th century) was a Polish rabbi and author of a well-known commentary on the Shulḥan Arukh Even ha-Ezer called Beit Shemu'el. In his youth, he studied with R. Joshua Heshel in Cracow. Upon his teacher's death, he continued his studies under R. Heshel's successor, R. Leib Fischeles, whose daughter he married. Samuel first officiated as rabbi in Szydlowiec, Poland, where he wrote the first version of his commentary. In his introduction he states that he was isolated in Szydlowiec and could not benefit from the counsel of students and colleagues. The work was published in 1689 in Dyhernfurth, with the text of the Even ha-Ezer, and was the first Hebrew book printed there. In 1691 Samuel was called to the important and lucrative rabbinate of Fuerth, Germany, where he displayed great activity. Together with the students who gathered around him in Fuerth, he reviewed and revised his work, and the second and final version was published there in 1694. This clear and comprehensive work is regarded as one of the best commentaries of its kind and was accepted in all scholarly circles as the standard and authoritative commentary to Even ha-Ezer. It has frequently been reprinted, together with the text. Despite his achievements in Fuerth, he was not happy there and longed for his former, smaller rabbinate. In 1694 he received a call to return to Szydlowiec. It appears that he accepted the invitation, since he is mentioned as the rabbi of that town in the approbation to Ir Binyamin which appeared in Frankfurt on the Oder in 1698. He also wrote responsa, one of which is published in Ḥinnukh Beit Yehudah of R. Enoch b. Judah of Schneitach (Frankfurt, 1708) no. 131.

R. Ephraim Zalman ben Menahem Mannes Margolioth (1760–1828) was a rabbi and author. R. Ephraim studied under his uncle, Alexander Margolioth, rabbi of Satanov, Isaac of Ostrow, author of Berit Kehunnat Olam, and R. Ezekiel Landau . In his youth he was rabbi of Ohanov, but later left the rabbinate, according to some reports declining an offer of the rabbinate of Frankfurt. Ephraim settled in Brody and went into business, in which he was highly successful. He owned commercial establishments in Vienna and it was said of him: "From the time of the minister Saul Wahl there has not been Torah and wealth such as belong to Margolioth." He spent most of his time in study, leaving the conduct of his business to his partner Simeon Dishze. He also studied esoteric works with a group of kabbalists at Brody, and had a sound knowledge of history. Margolioth wrote many books and exchanged responsa with the greatest rabbis of his time, with some of whom he maintained close relations. He was involved in the controversy caused by R. Joshua Heshel Ẓoref 's book Ha-Ẓoref and established the fact that it had strong leanings toward Shabbateanism. He also contended with the communal leaders of Brody over the leniency extended to the wealthy parnasim under the prevailing system of communal taxation and demanded their full participation in community expenditure. Margolioth gave his approbation to a great number of books, including many by ḥasidic rabbis. His own works, which appeared in many editions, and many of his halakhic decisions have been accepted. His works include Beit Efrayim, part 1 entitled Peri Tevu'ah, with commentary Rosh Efrayim (Lemberg, 1809); part 2 Shulhan Arukh, Yoreh De'ah (ibid., 1810); responsa Beit Efrayim (ibid., 1818); and another collection of responsa Beit Efrayim (Brody, 1866); Shem Efrayim, on Rashi's commentary to the Pentateuch and haftarot (Ostrow, 1826); Zera Efrayim on the Pesikta Rabbati (Lemberg, 1853); Yad Efrayim, on Shulḥan Arukh, Oraḥ Ḥayyim (in Dubno ed. of Shulḥan Arukh, Oraḥ Ḥayyim, 1820). He also wrote Ma'alot ha-Yuḥasin, a genealogical book on the families Landau, Margolioth, etc. (Lemberg, 1900). R. Ẓevi Hirsch Chajes of Zolkiew was among his pupils.


Hebrew Description:

 וספר יד אפרים, שחברתי אני ... אפרים (זלמן מרגליות מבראד) בן ... ר' מנחם מאנש זלה"ה. (טיב גיטין ... חלק א-ב) על סדר שמות גיטין [עם הפנים] שסידר רבינו בעל המחבר בית שמואל [ר' שמואל ב"ר אורי שרגא פייבוש, בספרו בית שמואל על שלחן ערוך אבן העזר, פיורדא תנ"ד, בסוף סימן קכט] וגם ביאור לסדר גט של מהר"מ ר"י (ר' מיכל ר' יוזפש [טיימר. הנדפס גם הוא בספר בית שמואל, בסוף סימן קנד]). וגם (יד אפרים), הגהות וביאורים על אה"ע [אבן העזר] ועל חושן משפט ...

דף [א]: הקדמת ר' אפרים זלמן מרגליות מבראד.
ב-מג דף: (חלק ראשון), שמות אנשים. הפנים מספר בית שמואל ומסביבו "טיב גיטין".
דף א-מג,א בספירה השניה: חלק שני. "שמות נשים ... קצת שמות עיירות ונהרות ... הכללים השייכים לדינים הללו ... סדר גט ראשון מיד הבעל ליד האשה (מהרב מהר"ר מיכל ר' יוזפש [סימנים א-יט. המשכם נדפסו בהוצאת ווארשא תרמ"ד])". בכולם הפנים מספר בית שמואל הנז' ומסביבם טיב גיטין. עליהם נוסף בדף כד-כט,ב: (ליקוטי) שמות עיירות (ונהרות), ובדף לג,ב-מא,א: הלכה ברורה איך לנהוג למעשה באיש או אשה
שניתן להם שני שמות. בשניהם פנים וביאור מאת ר' אפרים זלמן מרגליות.
דף מג-י,א: יד אפרים. כולל: הגהות וביאורים על אבן העזר, הגהות וביאורים בחלקת מחוקק ובית שמואל, הגהות וביאורים לחושן משפט.
ספירה אחרונה: [1]: לוח הטעות והשמטות מספר טיב גיטין. [2]: לוח הטעות מהגהות, והשמטות מהגהות וביאורים על ש"ע אה"ע. [3]: הגהות לחושן משפט.
ראינו טופס ששערו הוחלף, הודבק לו שער ההוצאה הקודמת, קארעץ תקע"ט.
פרידברג כותב: ראיתי טפסים עם שערים בלי מקום ושנת הדפוס (ראינו שער כזה, באוסף פרטי).



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