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Yesod Yitzhak, R. Yitzhak Isaac ben Jacob, Zolkiev 1810

יסוד יצחק - First Edition - Hasidic - Kabbalah

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  • Title (English) Yesod Yitzhak
  • Title (Hebrew) יסוד יצחק
  • Note First Edition - Hasidic - Kabbalah
  • Author R. Yitzhak Isaac ben Jacob
  • City Zolkiev
  • Publication Date 1810
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Physical Description

First edition quarto, 69, [1] ff. 215:175 mm., usual age and damp staining, wide margins, some running titles clipped, few wormholes touching letters. A good copy bound in modern cloth over boards.


Detail Description

First edition of this two-part work on hilkhot milah and halikhot olam by R. Yitzhak Isaac ben Jacob (1736-1783). The title-page informs that R. Jacob Israel ha-Levi found
Yesod Yitzhak, which was brought to press by R. Abraham Ze’ev ben Jacob Israel ha-Levi of Kremenetiz The title-page is dated “And when his son Isaac was eight days old,
Abraham circumcised him “ימים וימל אברהם את יצחק בנו בן שמונת(570 = 1810)” (Genesis 21:4). The title-page is followed by numerous approbations, among them from R. Meir
[Kristianpoller] of Brody; R. Jacob Orenstein of Lvov, R. Efraim Margaliot of Brody; R. Moses Shapira of Zaliztsi; R. Aryeh Leib ha-Cohen of Stryy, and then an extensive list of
contributors to the publication of Yesod Yitzhak, arranged by city. Next is an introduction by R. Abraham Ze’ev and then the text in two columns in rabbinic letters, beginning with melitzah. The second part of Yesod Yitzhak is halikhot olam, customs and segulot. Yesod Yitzhak is a rich and valuable kabbalistic work by a noted kabbalist and nistar.

R. Yitzhak Isaac ben Jacob (1735-1783), a noted kabbalist was also the author of Raza Meheimana and Otiot D'Rabbi Yitzchak]. Among his students was R. Moses Teitelbaum, (Yismach Moshe). R. Yitzhak Isaac was a as Shochet, Bodek, then teacher in the village of Zhuravichi. A nistar, no one in his community recognized his great learning and righteousness. It is reported that the Ba'al Shem Tov would travel to discuss matters with him secretly.


Hebrew Description

ספר יסוד יצחק : (חלק ראשון) על הלכות מילה [בדרך הקבלה]. חלק שני, הליכות עולם [הנהגות הפותחות: לעולם יהא אדם נזהר] ... כתבי קודש של ... מו’ יצחק אייזיק שוחט מכפר זורוויץ ... הליכות עולם עפ"י א"ב ... ונאבדו אלו הב’ אותיות א"ב והשאר יש ... הובא לבית הדפוס ע"י ... ר’ אברהם זאב בהרב ... יעקב ישראל הלוי ... מק"ק קרעמניץ ...

דף מא-מז: קונטרוס [ליקוטים מספר הזוהר] מה שיש ללמוד על הלילה שקודם המילה שקורין בל"א וואך נאכט.

מ"הליכות עולם" נדפסו רק אותיות ג-נ. מאות נ נדפסו שלושה סימנים בלבד. ועיין אות ד, סוף סימן א, שציין המחבר לאות נ, סימן יז.



Not in Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 # 000136862; BE yod 753