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Me'alephet Sepurim, R. Nissim Shlomo Algazi, Dyhrenfurt 1786

מעלפת ספירים - Kabbalah - The copy of R. Shlomo Friedman, Admor of Chortkov

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  • Lot Number 53196
  • Title (English) Me'alephet Sepurim
  • Title (Hebrew) מעלפת ספירים
  • Note Kabbalah - The copy of R. Shlomo Friedman, Admor of Chortkov
  • Author R. Nissim Shlomo Algazi
  • City Dyhrenfurt
  • Publisher דפוס מיכל מייא
  • Publication Date 1786
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  • Estimated Price - High 500

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Physical Description

[2], 45, [1] ff., octavo, 168:102 mm., wide margins, light age staining, few wo5rmholes touching letters, stamps and old hands of previous owners. A good copy bound in recent cloth over  boards, rubbed.

The copy of R. Shlomo Friedman, Admor of Chortkov (1894-1959), son of R. Nachum Mordechai Friedman of Chortkov and son-in-law of his uncle R. Yisrael of Sadigura. His paternal grandfather was R. Yisrael Friedman of Chortkov, and his maternal grandfather was Rebbe Shlomo Friedman of Sadigura. His father, Rebbe Nachum Mordechai, fled with his family from Vienna close to the Holocaust, immigrating to Erez Israel and establishing his court in Tel Aviv.  (Enc. Has.)

Detail Description

Teachings, sayings, divided in 30 parts for daily recital, based on the Zohar and other sources in preparation for the hereinafter by R. Solomon Nissim b. Abraham Algazi (1610?–c. 1683). He was the grandson of R. Joseph de Segovia Benveniste and was born in Borsa. He studied under his father and the poet R. Joseph Ganso, as well as R. Joseph Sasson and R. Meir de Boton at their yeshivah in Gallipoli. Algazi settled in Jerusalem in 1635, but was in Smyrna in 1646 - apparently in order to publish some of his works. Here he remained and was considered one of the city's outstanding scholars. He founded a bet midrash whose students included his son-in-law, R. Aaron Lapapa, and R. Hayyim b. Menahem Algazi, later rabbi of Rhodes. R. Algazi opposed Shabbetai Zevi and his followers; together with his son-in-law and other scholars, he excommunicated Shabbetai Zevi and stated that he deserved the death penalty. Compelled to flee and hide outside the city, when Shabbetai Zevi's apostasy became known (1666) he returned to Smyrna and resumed his position. R. Algazi assumed the additional name Nissim on recovering from a serious illness contracted during his travels. He returned to Jerusalem about 1670, and by 1673 was head of the local bet din. R. Algazi achieved a reputation for his saintliness and was reputed as a miracle worker.


Hebrew Description

 ... נתגלגל הזכות ע"י זכאי. מהו’ אברהם במהו’ יהודא ליב מבראד

להדפיס אותו פעם שלישי’. וחיבור לטהור איגרת הרמב"ם [צ"ל הרמב"ן] ששלח לבנו ...

מהקדמת המחבר: "זה הקונטרס ... כמוס עמדי מימי ילדותי אשר סדרתיו להדריך את עצמי ולאשר בגילי ... לקוטים מספר הזהר על דרך הפשט. חלקתיו לג’ עמודים תורה עבודה ג"ח, בם ידע האדם מעלת ה’ יתברך והמלאכים והאבות והצדיקים וטעמי המצות ומעלת השבת וי"ט ועניני הנפש שכרה וענשה ומה יעשה בה בעת הפטירה לבעבור יוסר האדם ומעלת גן עדן וגיהנם ועולם הבא ותשובה ... וחלקתיו לשלשים ימי החדש על סדר תפוחי זהב [לר’ יחיאל מילי, מנטובה שפ"ג]".

בדף האחרון: איגרת הרמב"ן ... ששלח לבנו מעכ"ו לקטא"לוניא על הענוה ויראת שמים ...



Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000109988; EJ