Ho'il Moshe, Part I, R. Moses Isaac Tedeschi (Ashkenazi), Gorizia 1870 (42498)

הואיל משה, כרך א - Only Edition

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Lot Number: 42498
Title (English): Ho'il Moshe, Part I
Title (Hebrew): הואיל משה, כרך א
Note: Only Edition
Author: R. Moses Isaac Tedeschi (Ashkenazi)
City: Gorizia (Goritiae)
Publisher: M. T. Seitz
Publication Date: 1870
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Physical Description:

Only edition. 302 pp. octavo 220:138 mm., usual age staining, wide margins. A very good copy bound in contemporary boards, rubbed.


Detailed Description:   

Commentaries on several books of the Bible by R. Moses Isaac ben Samuel Tedeschi (Ashkenazi). The commentarie s bound in this volume are on the Five Megillot and Proverbs, followed by Isaiah, Jeremiah, each with its own title page. Ho'il Moshe is based both upon traditional commentaries and the modern commentaries from the era of Mendelssohn to R. Samuel David Luzzatto (with whom he was on friendly terms). In his introduction Tedeschi points to the difference of approach in the various commentaries which were written at different times of his life "but there is no absolute contradiction between them and they can be regarded as one corpus."

R. Moses Isaac ben Samuel Tedeschi (Ashkenazi) was an Italian translator, Biblical commentator, and teacher. He was born at Trieste June 6, 1821; engaged in teaching most of his life except for a short period (1861) when he served as a rabbi of Spoleto and died in Trieste on June 17, 1898. He lectured on Biblical exegesis in the Tamud Torah of his native city, and occasionally delivered sermons on holy days. He was also the author of "Musar Melakim," a collection of ethical homilies based on the Pirḳe Abot (Triest, 1878); "Zeker Rav," an Italian translation of the didactical prose-poem of R. Benjamin Mussafia (Padua, 1878); "Oẓar Nirdefe Leshon 'Ibri," on Hebrew synonyms (ib. 1879); "Simhat ha-Regel," homilies and glosses on the Targum to Proverbs. The author's autobiography is appended to the last-named work. He published also, in "Ha-Asif" (1886), an introduction to the Minor Prophets.


Hebrew Description:  

כולל הערות ופשטים [לתנ"ך] ... מאת משה יצחק בכ"ר שמואל אשכנזי ס"ט איש טריאסטי ... [כרך א-ח].


Bibliographic References: 

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